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While the letter “i’ may be in our name, there’s no “i’ in our YeS! Creative Marketing team. We’re an incredibly talented, united, passionate, group working together to help you succeed.

YeS! We are the very best at what we do. Our team, as part of your team, will help you generate the results you need to achieve real, long-term, sustainable growth.

Shanna Young YeS Creative Marketing Bio

Co-Founder + Lead Strategist

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Kristi Simone Co Founder YeS Creative Marketing BW

Co-Founder + Lead Strategist

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YeS Creative Marketing Mara Lorance

Local SEO And Reviews Manager

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SEO + Web Development Partner

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YeS! Creative Marketing LinkedIn Ads Specialist Brandon
LinkedIn Ads Specialist

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Google Ads Specialist

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Social Media Specialist

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Content Specialist

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Social Media Specialist

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