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YeS! You do need SEO as part of your sales and marketing strategy. You have to cultivate a garden if you want to grow plants. You also need to keep weeds out and fertilize. Google made more than 5,000 changes to its search algorithm in 2021. How is your garden growing?

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How We Do It

SEO is crucial because it makes your website more visible to prospective customers and clients when they are searching for your products and services. You want your website result to be the one they click on. This means your site needs to be findable on search engines. YeS! Our SEO processes ensure you show up when and where it matters most.

Foundational SEO
  • Website Audit + Analysis
  • Keyword Research
  • Comprehensive technical website optimization
  • Monthly on-page SEO to implement Google’s best practices including internal linking, meta descriptions, title tags, and new blog optimizations.
  • Monthly technical website SEO maintenance to improve load speed, 
  • Link-building through key social channels and mentions, 
  • Manual optimization of membership organization directories you are a part of (i.e., your chamber of commerce)
  • Call Tracking to identify where your prospects are coming from
  • Twice-Monthly Google Business Profile Posts to increase calls, direction requests and leads
Advanced SEO

We recommend our Advanced SEO service for those businesses that want to invest in a more comprehensive impact on their online search presence and lead generation. Advanced SEO includes all of the Foundational SEO services and also focuses on technical content writing and external linking to high-authority websites. 

  • All Foundational SEO services 
  • Technical content writing focused on the high-search-volume keywords you need to show up for
  • Proactive back-link strategy and implementation to key sites with high domain authority to solidify your expertise and authority with Google. 

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Why YeS! is the Best SEO Partner For You

We do our research.

Our goal is to become an expert in your industry and about your company so we can understand the customer journey from Awareness to Recommendation. We analyze your keywords and target audience profiles, audit your historical data, and get super-specific about your essential services and growth goals.

We get it. You need both On-Site and Off-Site SEO to succeed.

At YeS!, we understand that you need a potent combination of on-website and off-website strategies to actually move the needle and help you show up at the top of Google for the keywords you need to show up for. Any SEO partner worth their salt will have a strategy for technical and on-site services and a strategy and process for external link-building.

We focus on the keywords that matter most to your business.

You need to show up when a customer is searching for a product or service they need. It doesn’t matter how competitive that keyword is if it matters to your sales and growth goals. That’s why we focus on the keywords that can have the greatest impact on your business.


We know that SEO takes time, trial and modification.

We also understand that SEO isn’t magic and that it takes time to help your business show up during a customer search. There is no guarantee that you will show up for those keywords, but we are relentless at doing everything we can and Google wants to ensure that you do. 

We collaborate and communicate with you.

As we’ve told you already, communication is part of our DNA. So, we’ll work with you every step of the way to research and plan, execute, analyze and revise your strategy. We’ll always break down the data and analytics in easy-to-understand ways so there’s no guessing about your goals, deliverables or results. 

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