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Our Growth Marketing Process

Learn, Identify, Create, Prioritize, Analyze and Refine

YeS! You won’t find a marketing partner like us anywhere else. Why? Because we get to know your business, audiences, and growth opportunities in great depth. We’re a partner who actually cares about your success and commits to making it happen. We take the time to learn about your company’s WHY and what drives your business’ purpose so we can convey that to your current and prospective customers. Read our Marketing Manifesto to learn about our WHY.

Your marketing strategy is unique to you and your business. We analyze your company – where it is right now and where you want to be, then we craft a plan to get you there. YeS! It’s that simple. Do we say Yes! Too much? YeS!, but you’ll get used to it!

We really learn about your business.

Our top priority as your growth marketing partner: Become an expert in your business and in your industry while we work to truly understand your sales and marketing opportunities from top to bottom. This includes analyzing where your current customers are coming from now, creating audience profiles or personas we can then target through our marketing initiatives, looking into your competitive landscape, getting specific with a market analysis and your historical data, identifying your current realities and where you want to go (or “grow,” as we say at YeS!)

We identify your business growth goals and brand expectations.

Before we deploy any marketing initiatives, we’ll work with you to understand what your success looks like to you. How will you define success? What are your new customer, sales, and revenue goals? Where are you right now in your growth process? Where do you want to be? What are your expectations for our marketing partnership? What is your WHY?

We create your growth marketing strategy with awareness, conversion, retention and recommendation tactics.

We really do believe that your marketing isn’t just about building your brand or attracting leads. Real growth marketing is about creating strategies that drive awareness of your company, generate a lead and ultimately conversion, reinforce retention so your customers keep coming back and initiate a Recommendation so your customers will advocate for you through referrals and reviews. Ultimately these four strategies will result in increased sales and Revenue. That’s why we’re the best at what we do.

We prioritize for quick wins and long-term growth.

Out of the gate, we recommend the strategies that can generate quick wins for your business while positioning for long-term growth.  We’ll work with you to determine where we need to deploy our resources first, second, third and fourth -Awareness, Conversion, Retention and Recommendation. Then, we’ll lay out the priorities and timeframes to help you reach your growth goals. We know that real, impactful growth means finding quick wins while keeping long-term growth in sight.

We analyze, refine and repeat.

At YeS!, we’re relentless when it comes to generating results for you. Through our strategy and monthly consulting with you, we’ll scale up what works and get rid of what doesn’t. While each marketing channel requires testing, optimization, and time, if we’re not seeing a true, measurable impact on your revenue goals, we’ll pivot and apply your strategy and budget where we are generating the results you need. Ultimately, we’re saying that your marketing strategy is a dynamic process that requires evaluation and modification to identify the right channel mix to set the stage for sustainable long-term growth.

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