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YeS! “Content is king.” Your authentic, relevant content builds credibility with your customers and helps you get found on Google.

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YeS Creative Marketing Blogs and Content How We Do It

How We Do It

Bill Gates really did say content is king. What this means is that while the design and functionality of your website help drive conversions, your content helps build your authority and searchability.

YeS! Blogs serve as an opportunity to help rank for keywords that your customers may be searching for. Having a blog also creates and establishes you as the authority in your field. We will utilize keyword research along with your goals to develop the best blog and content strategy to help with SEO momentum.

Your Growth Goals

Let’s talk about your growth goals for a minute. We mention it a lot throughout our website, but your growth goals are incredibly important when it comes to content marketing, so we’ll identify how you want to grow.

Part of that process is understanding the exact services and products that are your primary revenue-generators. Understanding where your business is coming from and where you want it to go helps determine the important keywords your customers are searching for online. 

Keyword Research 

Regardless of your content needs – a blog or content for a new web page – keyword research is like the fletching (the tiny little feathers) on the arrow for your bullseye. YeS! You need it to hit your target.

Identifying the right keywords your customers use to search for your products and services and ensuring those keywords have enough search volume is vital to getting found online. Search volume means that a lot of people are searching for that specific term or keyword.

Content Develop + Optimize

Developing original, authentic content takes skilled writers who understand your business, voice, services, and goals.

YeS! That’s where we excel. If you happened to read about How We Work, you’ll know that we built our agency on understanding your business, communication, and other very important factors of your business’ growth marketing strategy. We apply that to the content we develop for you, whether it’s a blog, web page, or other content, and then we optimize it for search engine optimization so it’s easy for Google and other search engines to crawl and index.

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