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YeS! Creative Marketing is a full service marketing agency for small and medium-sized businesses. We provide a full-scope of services for our clients, including website development and hosting, search engine optimization (SEO), Local SEO, Google advertising, reviews and reputation management, social media marketing and more.

We’re a growth-focused, creative, strategic, stacked, collaborative team of experts that function as an extension of your business.

There was a lot to process in that statement, so we broke it down for you below.

YeS! We are focused on your growth revenue.

And, we do it by focusing on every touchpoint of your customer journey – awareness, conversion, retention, and recommendation. At YeS!, we believe your marketing isn’t only about getting a lead. To successfully grow, you absolutely have to focus on building awareness of your company and services, driving the conversion, keeping customers coming back and getting them to tell the world about you. That’s what growth marketing is all about.

YeS! We are creative strategists.

Our feet are firmly planted in your growth marketing strategy, but we believe in the creative uniqueness of your messaging, voice, customer personas, style and brand presence. While we analyze, test, refine, we also create and build your company’s unique path to growth and success.

YeS! We stacked our team with seasoned experts.

Together, Shanna Young and Kristi Simone have worked with clients in nearly every industry and at nearly every stage of growth. We’ve also assembled an incredible, best-in-industry team of partners who can help us identify, build and achieve your growth marketing goals. Together, we’re able to make a significant impact for your business.

YeS! We’re a collaborative, responsive extension of your team.

Something that makes YeS! different is how we’ve prioritized consistent transparent communication. We’re creative collaborators by nature so our communication DNA means we do our best work together. Together means you – our partner – and us – an extension of your team. We know we can’t develop and implement your growth marketing strategy alone. We need you to be an active part of your success so through our regular calls and meetings, monthly reports and more, we’ll be sure you’re always in step with us and on the same page for your growth success.

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