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82% of the U.S. population is on social media and 78% of consumers say posts by companies they follow on social media impact their purchases. YeS! Every interaction you have on our social media pages counts.

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YeS Creative Marketing Social Media How We Do it

How We Do It

Social media is a valuable communication tool to help inform, educate and help to increase your customer base. Your business needs to share relevant content with your audience, offer something more than just the ordinary, and call followers to action.

Audience Strategy

Determining the right channels to reach the right audience to grow your business is the key to your social media strategy.

We’ll work with you to identify which channels are best for your customer base and business growth goals, and then craft a social strategy to help hit your target.

Content Creation + Distribution

YeS! We work with you to create channel-specific strategies and content to engage with your current and prospective customers. What we’ve learned over our years of experience is that not every post has to be perfectly pretty and branded. Your followers want you to be real and authentic. That authenticity drives engagement, loyalty and ultimately sales. 

When it comes to our social media strategy, we go for quality over quantity. And, we believe that to engage your audience, you must post content that creates an actual emotional connection, not just a “pretty branded picture.”

Community Management

YeS! As we said above, every interaction really does count. That’s why we diligently like or respond to all responses to your social posts. We invite new post likes to follow your page and we manage notifications.

Communication is at the heart of our social media style and strategy driving positive sentiment about your brand and services. 


Boosting strategically posted messages with sales-focused CTAs help reach prospective customers is yet another component of our YeS! partnership.

A boosted post is really a post on your social page that you pay to extend the reach to a broader audience, including prospects.


Social Media Advertising

YeS! Social Pay-Per-Click advertising helps to target prospective customers based on demographics, interests, and other important factors. 

Facebook ads, especially, are so incredibly effective because of their high number of users on the platform, level of audience targeting, and quality of analytics. Plus, you can advertise on Instagram through the Facebook Business Manager.

LinkedIn Advertising can be incredibly powerful for specific types of industries, leading to increased engagement and conversions.

Social Advertising allows you to create custom audiences, lookalike audiences, and more, helping you to define your prospective customers even more effectively. Don’t know what that means? YeS! We do. Our proven success at social media marketing and ads will help you hit your target and grow your audience . . . and business. 

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