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Our Manifesto

Our YeS! Creative Marketing Manifesto

Shanna Young Kristi Simone YeS Creative Marketing Manifesto and Core ValuesWhen we started YeS! Creative Marketing, we didn’t want to be just another marketing agency telling businesses we could help pinpoint their marketing priorities, just tell their brand story or generate results. YeS! We can do all that, and we explain how throughout our website.

But, we also wanted to be something different. Do something different. Be better for our clients. We wanted to actually help our clients GROW. Not just say that we could or would.

We asked ourselves, how can we really and truly align our clients’ marketing strategies with their long-term growth? How could we help our clients uncover what really matters to their customers? What actually resonates with their brand story to win customer loyalty and increase sales? 

At the end of the day, we knew we needed to integrate brand positioning and performance growth marketing strategies to move the sales funnel from top to bottom through every step of the customer journey – Awareness, Conversion, Retention, Recommendation, and ultimately, Revenue. 

It’s a relationship thing.

We believe that what sets us apart is our ability to really connect with our clients and develop an understanding of their business. We don’t just say we’ll function as their external marketing team, we really do it. We knew we needed to build an authentic relationship with our clients so we could look beyond the obvious to seek out meaningful voice and messaging experiences and touchpoints that their customers will be loyal to, buy from, and return to – essentially, a growth strategy that drives sales and revenue.

Do the right thing. Always. Every time.

When we started YeS!, we founded this agency on the belief that we would always recommend what’s best for our clients, what would truly help their company grow, and be mindful of their goals and budget. Let’s be agency honest, a lot of agencies will try to throw in the whole kit and kaboodle when recommending strategies and services to clients because it helps the agency’s bottom line, not the client’s. 

We founded this company on the promise that we will never ever do that. It’s not who we are. We are committed to doing right by our clients, always and every time. That’s what true success is built on. What real authentic relationships and partnerships mean. And, it’s who we are at the very core of our humanness.

Your company size doesn’t matter. It’s what we do with it that counts.

We also knew we wanted to be the kind of partner that could help all-sized businesses. We wanted to serve as our clients’ marketing department when they didn’t have one. We wanted to help start-ups launch their company from the ground up. We wanted to help evolving businesses develop their brand into their next phase of viral growth that truly impacts sales for the future. 

Ultimately, we started YeS! To be the agency and partner that can finally, finally drive real growth for all of the companies that work with us. 

Be the best for our clients.

We are the best at helping our clients achieve their growth goals. YeS! We are. We don’t just say it we mean it. That’s why we also founded this agency on the principle that if we don’t think we can help a company achieve its goals or if we’re not the right partner, we won’t take them on. 

Let our values drive us.

We are really motivated by some core values that mean a lot to us – passion, integrity, kindness, compassion, inspiration, example, a little bit of mojo, and a lot of fun. Enough said.

Oh . . . YeS!

If you haven’t figured it out already, the Y is for Young (Shanna) and the S is for Simone (Kristi).

And, YeS! We say YeS! A lot throughout our website. YeS! Is even so ingrained in our brand memories that our entire team texts, emails and uses YeS! In all communication. YeS! It’s a lot. But, heck, YeS! It’s pretty awesome. Try it. You’ll think of us, and that’s not a bad thing.

So, that’s it, our WHY. Our YeS! Creative Marketing Manifesto. YeS! Let’s get to work. 

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