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Strategic Marketing Manager

Maggie is our Strategic Marketing Manager at YeS! Creative Marketing. With a background rooted in HR coordination and generalist roles at Lifestyle Communities, Maggie brings a unique perspective to client relationships and engagement strategies. Maggie acts as a reliable bridge between our agency and valued clients, utilizing her skills to provide customized solutions that lead to success. Her experience in curating engaging content for LC’s LinkedIn page and implementing impactful engagement campaigns through the employee intranet underscores her commitment to fostering meaningful connections.

Outside of work, she finds joy in spending quality time with loved ones, whether it’s exploring new restaurants, indulging in her passion for music, or enjoying leisurely boating trips with her canine companion. With her dedication to client satisfaction, Maggie is an integral part of the YeS! Creative Marketing team, continually striving to elevate our partnerships and deliver exceptional results.

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